The Father loves the Son and has given all things into His hand.

John 3:35

John 3:16 might be the most famous book-chapter-and-verse passage of all time by a wide margin. That verse comes from Jesus’ exchange with Nicodemus, a leader of the Jewish community. Our verse for today comes from the same chapter but from a different exchange; John the baptist’s disciples had come to John to understand Jesus’ role.

John, being a prophet, revealed to them a truth that echoes what Jesus had said to Nicodemus, that Jesus was given a special role and task that was higher than John’s and that it was not something his followers should be jealous of. On the other hand, it was a relief for John and the others who were making the way for Jesus. People could see Jesus directly.

When we go out and make an effort to teach others about the promise we have in Jesus, we are blessed in much the same way as John was. We only have to bring people so far and once they meet Jesus, they are able to make their own choices to follow or to remain. Either way, the authority to change people’s hearts and the authority to save has been given to Jesus. He can do the job of saving the world. All we have to do is make introductions.

Ethan Kirl