You were shown these things so that you might know that the Lord is God; besides him there is no other. From heaven he made you hear his voice to discipline you. On earth he showed you his great fire, and you heard his words from out of the fire. Because he loved your ancestors and chose their descendants after them, he brought you out of Egypt by his Presence and his great strength, to drive out before you nations greater and stronger than you and to bring you into their land to give it to you for your inheritance, as it is today. Acknowledge and take to heart this day that the Lord is God in heaven above and on the earth below. There is no other. Keep his decrees and commands, which I am giving you today, so that it may go well with you and your children after you and that you may live long in the land the Lord your God gives you for all time.

Deuteronomy 4:35-40

Miracles are supernatural intervention for the confirmation of divine authority. Whether it was the snake in the wilderness healing poison or heavenly fire consuming the altar and the offering and all, or Jesus commanding demons into pigs, all these things took place to indicate God’s message: “I am with my people, and this is the one who speaks for me.”

The end result of witnessing God’s great works is not merely fear of punishment but awe at his ability to enter into our lives and make a change. We should look back at those times when God stepped in and supernaturally intervened and acknowledge that God alone is Lord in heaven and on earth.

That is what miracles do. They make believers. So go to work, we have more believers to make.

Ethan Kirl