We love a good Bible verse. There is something so conveniently inspirational and instructive about them; when we need just a little guidance a good verse is an amazing tool.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

My mission as a minister and writer is to illuminate one particular shortcoming we often have as Christians. That shortcoming is our high tolerance for teachings taken out of context.

The verse above is a fine example. “With God all things are possible.” Nice. Succinct, punchy and satisfying. “God can do anything, so I don’t need to worry. Whatever it is, God can accomplish it for me. Here’s your homework. After you read this article, open another tab or your Bible and read chapter 19, especially verse 16 to the end of the chapter.

But for now let me challenge you with this. Do you want to follow Jesus? Do you really want to do whatever it takes? If you said yes, then good. If you said no, then pray and God will give you a measure of faith to take the first step toward trusting in Him. It is true; God can do anything and He wants to do great things for you.

That’s when that verse comes into even more meaning. The impossibilities we face now mean nothing in the hands of a loving God. But first, we need the context of coming into communion with Him.

Ethan Kirl