“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?
Tell Me, if you have understanding,
Who set its measurements? Since you know.” Job 38

Some of you will remember the discovery of the Kuiper belt object Eris. Not because of its discovery directly, but because of the ripple effect it had. You see Eris is actually bigger than Pluto and led to the reclassification of Pluto and other objects like it into dwarf planets. In the words of Burton Guster, “Did you hear about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?”

Sometimes the things we have been taught seem more important than they really are. With perspective, with scale and with an objective outlook, the things we give importance can sometimes find a more appropriate place in our evaluation of the world. The only roadblock to that is our emotional state and the value we place onto those things. Sometimes we need to see things as they really are.


God of the Heavens, help us to see things from a healthy distance this week and to place them into perspective next to their equals. Help us to know, above all, that you control things no matter how they look from where we are or what we feel in the moment. Amen.

Ethan Kirl

Originally Published July 29, 2020