What is mankind that you are mindful of them,
human beings that you care for them?

Psalm 8:4

We think of God as big.

Right now, picture God. He’s larger than life, right? He’s towering above you with a shining face, or sitting on a throne held up by angels the size of buildings. That’s what prophesy shows us, so why shouldn’t we think of God that way.

My friends, we are thinking too small. God is not big, he is unfathomable. We cannot know or measure the limits of his power, his knowledge or his immensity. He knows the tracks of galaxies as they hurtle through the universe and he knows the path of every subatomic particle as it passes through your fingertips.

God is not big. He is everywhere, always. He is inescapably, unimaginably, unthinkably beyond us.

And yet.

And yet, that same God became smaller than any of us by being born as a tiny, defenseless, infant boy to a human mother in the countryside near Jerusalem. He was whisked away to Egypt as a refugee and then raised as a commoner in a city of bad reputation. He was nobody, but to us there is no one greater.

May that perspective humble us and guide us always.

Ethan Kirl